Bark & Brew Annual Calendar

  • Submit a photo (or 2, or 3) of your pup each month
  • Please include your name, your dogs name, phone number and address
  • A winner will be selected and notified at the end of each month
  • October, November and December winners will all be selected at the end of October to ensure the calendars will be ready for purchase ASAP
  • If your pup is selected you will receive a free calendar!

Half of the total sales will go to local rescues and shelters to assist with purchasing supplies and other needs of the shelters and rescues.

Please fill out our form below. If you have any additional questions feel free to reach out to us on our contact page.

“Maverick is one of the most kind dogs I have ever had. He lights up a room and has enough love to give to everyone he meets. He’s a Newfoundland and always in winter time thinks, the more snow the better, mom!”


“Hi I am submitting my photos for my dog Abby. She loved visiting Bark & Brew. She crossed the rainbow bridge Monday 3/30/20. Miss her dearly and I would love to see her on your calendar. Thank you for considering and for everything you guys do!”



This our sweet girl Kira and she really misses the Play N/ Learn days out at Bark N Brew. Plus her fur friend Tilly! Thank you for all that you guys go for the pups!

“The best drinking buddies around!  This is Indi (in black & beer bandana), 1 year old & Mika (in blue drinking buddy bandana), 6 years old.”

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