Rules & Regulations

The purpose of Bark & Brew is to provide a safe, fun, and stimulating environment with an emphasis on positive experiences that include interaction and socialization with other friendly dogs. We want to be the go-to place for you and your four-legged best friend and want you both to have an amazing experience!

To ensure the safety and health of all our dogs, we require that everyone comply with the following rules and requirements:

  • Young children are highly discouraged since some dogs are not familiar with children. If you choose to bring your children, any child 6 or under MUST always remain in your arms or on your lap. Dogs play and do not know their size and can mistakenly run into small children causing harm. Over the age of 6 must always be next to you, no exceptions – this includes petting another dog, going to the restroom alone or even outside.
  • Please do not feed another person’s dog human food.
  • No liquid carry – ins or dog treat carry – ins. You may bring in human food or have it delivered.
  • Nobody allowed under 21 years of age unless you are with your legal guardian – even if you are not drinking alcohol.
  • All vaccinations must be up to date: that includes Bordetella, Distemper and Rabies. Must have the ability to show proof if a situation arises.
  • All dogs must be Dog & People friendly. Please do not bring an aggressive dog. If your dog is friendly and having a bad day, we ask you remove your dog immediately to prevent an issue from happening.
  • On leash when entering /leaving. Off leash inside and outside Bark & Brew.
  • No excessive humping.
  • You are 100% responsible for your dog 100% of the time. Dog Butlers are there to assist. If you observe behavior that is not welcome, please see a Dog Butler or Manager to have the situation handled.
  • Rough play is fine if it is consensual. Rough play and chasing are not acceptable if any of the dogs involved is not comfortable with the situation. Just because a dog’s intent is to play does not make the dog’s behavior acceptable or tolerable if the other dog is not enjoying itself.
  • The safest collar for your dog to wear in the dog park is a flat buckle collar. Chain/prong/spiked collars can be dangerous if your dog gets it caught while playing. Please remove these at the door to avoid any injury.
  • To avoid a dog fight, you understand and agree that you will control and command your dog and will watch over your dog for any aggressive or antagonist behavior. You further understand that under no circumstances should you ever grab a fighting dog by its collar or anywhere near the biting end of the dog, as this could result in a bite or attacked. You agree you will remove your dog from situations in which you, your dog, other dogs or their owners are uncomfortable.
  • Bark & Brew, LLC is not responsible for any situation that occurs between dog and dog or dog and human.
  • Finally, please, have fun with your dog!

Bark & Brew reserves the right to refuse admittance to any human or dog at any time. Please be advised that our environment is not suited for every dog and safety is of the utmost importance. If we feel a dog will create an unsafe environment for themselves or anyone else based on any behavior we encounter, they will not be able to participate.

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